Mosquito Tracking Solutions


Monitoring of the stages of flies and other vectors according to meteorological conditions, observation of larvae and incubation areas, logging the prevention and works and introducing an analysis system for preventions has great importance for the protection of human health. According to World Health Organization data, mosquitoes are the most deadly animals of the world.

Blood-sucking mosquitos, which caused the death of 600,000 people due to malaria, is followed by human that kills their own kind with a human-made gun. Human beings kill an average of 475,000 people every year.

Snakes that kills 50,000 people and dogs that kills 25,000 people following humans. It is very remarkable that Tzetzes, assasin bugs and sea snails are on the list cause the death of 10,000 people and lions are on the list cause the death of 100 people, wolfs and sharks on the list cause the the death of 10 people per a year.


  • » Monitoring the larvae areas from the System Management Center according to the meteorological factors, showing them on the map and creating a warning system,
  • » Monitoring, alerting and reporting of Mosquito amount and type by System Management Center
  • » Sending a duty to the field spraying teams by the System Management Center and monitoring the spraying areas from the map instantly,
  • » Reporting of Mosquito warning information from Mobile Citizen applications to System Management Center instantly on map basis and establishing field duty orders,
  • » Effective measures to be taken with Impact Analysis after the application of drugs, generating estimations and establishing a basis for taking new measures as a result of scientific researches,
  • » Ensuring the establishment of a traceable, retrospective reporting infrastructure.
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System Component

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Stages of Effective Combat System with Mosqouito

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Main Features

7/24 Real Time Tracking
Supports Smart Cities Platforms
Early Warning Systems
It provides protection of human health and prevents the deaths caused by fly viruses.
Field Performance Management
Time and location stamped records
Instant forwarding of field spraying teams for incoming notifications
Reporting and decision support system

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